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Impacted By The Ellicott City Flood

On July 30, 2016, shop owners, employees and residents of Main Street Ellicott City were impacted by the devastating flood.  Understandably, during the initial period of clean-up and reconstruction, most people have been focused on the physical recovery and refurbishing of what remains.

At the same time, the emotional needs of those who lived and worked on Main Street have been tremendous.  The memories of the dangers of the flood itself, an overwhelming sense of grief and the uncertainty of what the future will bring still trouble the hearts and minds of many community members.

HELP - U is a network of private sector mental health practitioners in Howard County and surrounding areas who are committed to providing free short-term counseling services to residents impacted by a community-wide crisis. It is led by The THRIVE Center and by Congruent Counseling – two Howard County-based mental health centers.

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You will directed to a database of local mental health providers who have volunteered to provide free counseling to flood survivors.