Thrive | Emerge™


Events Overview 

Workshops, Groups and Courses

Thrive’s workshops, groups and courses provide an opportunity for the participant to get the same excellent personal growth services delivered in individual therapy sessions, but in a more compact and affordable format. In addition, the groups provide the added dimensions of shared experience and support, two important factors in any healing and learning process. Taught by THRIVE’s practioners, these workshops, groups and courses range from Social Skills groups to Parenting and ADHD to Work as a Calling.


With THRIVE’s reputation for providing excellent service and with our skillful practitioners, many businesses, groups, and other health care facilities are interested in hearing about our programs and how we deliver services. THRIVE staff has conducted discussions and/or trainings at various community settings, including:

  • Presentations at staff meetings and in-service training
  • Discussions at support groups, parent groups and civic organizations


Each year THRIVE exhibits and offers trainings and speaking presentations at select local, state and national conferences which focus on our target programs: ADHD; Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry and Workplace mental health. We select conferences where there is a strong match between the skills of our staff and the interest and needs of conference participates. Check out our calendar for upcoming conferences.