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Thrive Video Series:
Moving Struggling Young Adults To Independence

Video 1: The Struggling Young Adult: Who Are They? What Do They Need?

This introductory segment illustrates, through a brief story of one young adult, how the power of community, relationship and love are essential to overcome the tremendous psychological obstacles facing the failure to launch young adult.

Video 2: The Pain Of Being Stuck: Struggling To Launch On The Inside

Through the story of one young man’s transformation from despair to hope, Dr. Silver explores the complex web of biological, family, social and emotional risk factors that held him captive in a Gordian knot of the soul; and how seeing himself mirrored in the loving eyes of others freed him to find new meaning and purpose in his life.

Video 3: Why Young Adults Get Stuck: Intrinsic Motivation vs. Learned Helplessness

In order to move the struggling young adult forward, we need to understand the underlying psychological processes that paralyze their drive for self-actualization. In this segment, Dr. Silver explores how nurturing the young adult’s sense of autonomy, competence and relatedness help build a powerful intrinsic motivation and the resilience necessary to take on life’s demands.

Video 4: From Paralysis To Change: Inspiring The Young Adult

This segment focuses on the healing role of the parents and the providers in relation to the young adult, and how their actions can powerfully shape the sense of inner motivation and yearning. Dr. Silver discusses the importance of simply spending time with the young adult, listening carefully and believing deeply in their enduring spirits.

Video 5: Community, Relationship, Love: Key Elements Of The Launch Program

In this segment, Dr. Silver discusses how treatment interventions that incorporate a team of professionals, a family focus, peer social experiences, opportunities to succeed, interactions with the broader community and exploration of one’s dreams all work together to help the young adult connect with their strengths and passions and move them towards independence.

Heron's Gate: Moving The Struggling Young Adult To Independence  (Full Video)

In this overview of Failure To Launch young adults, Dr. Silver presents a model of what causes young adults to get stuck; and the kinds of treatment and support they need to move into lives of independence. This talk provides a powerful illustration of the inner world of the struggling young adult; and the ways in which community and relationships help to heal the underlying traumas and move them towards the resilience and motivation necessary to seek a meaningful and productive life. (Full-Length Video)