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Screening and Evaluation

Every person we see at THRIVE is a unique, fascinating mix of strengths and challenges – and the more we know about you, the more effectively we can care for you. So in our initial diagnostic workup, we explore all the factors that contribute to your current condition, allowing us to design the best possible treatment program for you.

Clinical Intake

The Clinical Intake, which is completed on the phone, is our first opportunity to get to know the specific issues you are dealing with, what further evaluations might be needed, and what treatment services would be most appropriate for you or your family member.

If your case is relatively straightforward, the intake practitioner will assign you to one of the clinicians for a treatment session. If your case is complex, it is likely that you will need to come in for a Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation prior to starting treatment services.

Comprehensive Intial Evaluation


The goal of the Comprehensive Initial Evaluation is two-fold:

  1. To identify "what is wrong" – what physical and mental factors are preventing the person from functioning as fully as possible; and
  2. To identify "what is right" – the passions, gifts, dreams and unique world-view that will support them in overcoming their challenges and achieving their full potential.

The work-up provides you with:

  1. A Psychiatric Diagnosis – for example, ADHD/ executive dysfunction, depression, anxiety – which we view as a framework for understanding how your brain and mind are struggling to function as effectively as possible; and
  2. Understanding And A Roadmap – An appreciation of the many underlying factors that contribute to your current status and help define a "road map" for your treatment, including medication management, psychotherapy, coaching, self-care and a range of other approaches.

For more information, contact THRIVE at 410-740-3240 or by e-mail.