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Psychiatry and Medication Management


Good psychiatry begins with a comprehensive evaluation leading to a thoughtful diagnosis. All factors that contribute to your current condition must be thoroughly explored in order to understand fully how to provide the best possible treatment – in other words, the more we know about you, the more effectively we can care for you.

Screening and Evaluation – More information on our initial work-up.

Medication Management

For many psychological conditions, psychiatric medications provide an effective and safe means for reducing or eliminating symptoms causing distress and dysfunction.

Since making the decision whether or not to use medications is a very important personal choice, you and your psychiatrist will spend as much time as necessary to explore:

  • Appropriate dosing levels and schedules
  • Potential side effects
  • Expected treatment outcomes
  • How long you might need to take the medication
  • Interactions with other medications or other medical conditions
  • Concerns about abuse or "habit forming" effects
  • The meaning of having to "depend" on a medication for emotional health
  • Use of nutritional supplements along with the medication
  • Non-medication approaches to help reduce symptoms

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