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Executive Function Services 

  • Trouble getting organized at home?
  • Struggling to keep up in school?
  • Performance lagging at work?

Your Executive Functions (EF) are those mental activities that help you focus, plan, act in an organized manner and PERFORM. In ADHD and other disorders, problems with EF can make it hard to achieve your goals, even with your best efforts.

Working with one of our Executive Function Coaches, you will develop a program to target specific EF skills, such as attention, memory and time management. Planned practice in real world settings will help you build a more stable and successful lifestyle.

Study Skills Coaching

Even with medication, effective studying and participation in academic activities can remain problematic for the person with ADHD. Whether in primary, secondary or college settings, we can assist the student with:

  • Effective note taking during lectures and discussions
  • Keeping an agenda book
  • Organizing paperwork
  • Utilizing supportive resources and personnel
  • Building effective relationships with teachers and professors
  • Scheduling for long-term projects and tests
  • Effective test-taking strategies
  • Balancing personal and academic activities

EF Coaching For Parents

Being a parent of a child with ADHD requires an extra measure of patience, understanding, flexibility, as well as the knowledge of effective tools of communication, behavior change and emotional regulation. Work with parents might involve training and guidance on the following issues:

  • Basic education about the impact of ADHD and other conditions on the child's behavioral and emotional functioning
  • Establishing realistic expectations for the child at home and in school
  • Moving the child towards independence in school and life
  • Finding the balance between "holding on" --- that is, providing the child with the necessary support they need to function -- and "letting go"
  • Creating a respectful parenting partnership that shares responsibility for the child
  • Staying resilient/ Getting through the hard emotional times
  • Dealing with anger, frustration and disappointment -- in the child and the parent

Classroom Observations


  • Advocacy for accommodations or IEP's is done through our affiliate Kaplan Marquis Educational Consultants.

Young Adults Transitioning To Independence

  • Goal Setting
  • Life Skills Training
  • Parent Coaching
  • Expectation/ Reward/ Consequence Programs

Work Life and Home Life

  • Life Coaching
  • Home visits to organize systems and routines
  • Time Management