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For those young adults struggling to make a successful transition into a fully independent adult life – the "difficult to launch" group – treatment delivered weekly in an office setting may be insufficient to help them create a bridge from their current situation to a vibrant, independent way of living. For these individuals, more intensive, frequent contact with a practitioner in the home and community setting may be required for them to acquire the skills and motivation to progress.

The core of the attending approach is a relationship of daily, highly individualized support (attending), through which clients build basic skills for independence, emotional regulation, self care and envisioning and creating a successful future.

Attendants are mental health paraprofessionals who are carefully selected and trained to provide a positive, accepting presence to assist the client in applying newly learned skills for coping and stress reduction, and to accompany the client in working towards goals. The attending relationship minimizes time spent alone by the young adult and provides an opportunity to improve relationship skills.