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THRIVE Programs Overview

THRIVE provides a full array of diagnostic and treatment services to meet a wide range of mental health needs.  These services can be accessed singly, or combined into more intensive programs for more complex challenges.

In keeping with our philosophy of providing comprehensive care throughout the life cycle, all of our services available for kids, adolescents and adults.

We often feel that even if we get some of the help that we seek, the solutions are incomplete and not well-targeted to meet all of our needs.

THRIVE’s comprehensive clinical programs -- for ADHD, Child and Adult Psychiatry, Mental Health, Urgent Psychiatric Care and Transitioning to Adulthood -- bring together its team of practitioners to create coordinated treatment plans addressing multiple facets of a problem.

The benefits to you include:

  • Easy access to needed services – all under one roof
  • Treatment that follows a consistent direction – from frequent, coordinated communication among all the practitioners involved in your or your child’s care
  • Care that is carefully considered and planned – shaped in our weekly clinical team meetings
  • Solutions drawn from a broad base of skills and experiences
  • A pro-active, results-oriented team – committed to helping you resolve your problems as quickly as possible
  • A sense of satisfaction and ease knowing that an attentive, professional team is monitoring and partnering with you on all aspects of your care.

If you are coming to THRIVE for the first time, please read this information about getting started.

For more information, contact THRIVE at 410-740-3240 or by e-mail.