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The Right Fit For Your Family?

Who Belongs In Move Up?

Move Up is designed for young adults 18-30 years old who are dealing with struggling to launch challenges and want to benefit from the development of basic life skills.

Why Try Move Up?

Families might seek treatment for their struggling to launch young adults in many ways. For those with the financial resources and emotional readiness to commit to more extensive care, we offer the Heron’s Gate Intensive Community [Outpatient] Program.

Move Up, on the other hand, is the starter or entry-level program of Heron’s Gate, designed specifically for those young adults and parents who want to move more slowly into the world of treatment. With Move Up, young adults get the chance to “get their feet wet” learning basic life skills, along with with peers struggling with similar challenges. Parents get to observe their young adult in a skills-based treatment program, and monitor their progress.

For some, this skills-based program may be sufficient. Others, however -- after seeing that their young adult is more ready to take on the challenges of a more intensive program -- may choose to move on to the higher levels of care available within Heron’s Gate.

Move Up may not provide the entire foundation needed for launch, but it offers another way into treatment for those young adults and parents who want to get started with care at an entry level.

Move Up is also a great option for families that are already receiving mental health care for struggling to launch challenges from other practitioners, but want to add a strong, curriculum-based skills development component to their young adults’ tool kit.

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