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Become part of a collaborative treatment team for Heron's Gate, the struggling-to-launch young adults program of the THRIVE Center, in Columbia, Maryland.

At our growing outpatient mental health practice, clinicians utilize a treatment approach that stresses the value of relationship among patients, family members and the treating practitioners.

A supportive, caring relationship is viewed as the root of healing and informs all clinical activities and communications, from diagnosis to treatment planning and review, from initial contact to on-going attention to the patients' satisfaction with care.

Join a team where your professional expertise will be valued, where humor and serious discussion blend to create effective treatments and a sense of vitality, and where high quality care thrives in an atmosphere of mutual support and respect.

We are currently seeking a professional for the following position:

BC/BE Psychiatrist

Dear Colleagues,

I am recruiting for a BC/BE psychiatrist for The THRIVE Center in Columbia, MD, an outpatient mental health program that specializes in both ADHD/ Executive Function Disorder and in the intensive treatment of failure to launch young adults. My desire is for the psychiatrist to work in both programmatic areas while building a long-term relationship with our center.

The clinical effectiveness of both programs is rooted not only in the high level of expertise of each of our practitioners, but in their commitment and ability to work closely in a tightly coordinated treatment team. The psychiatrist shares responsibilities with other staff for conducting evaluations, creating in-depth case formulations, generating and implementing treatment plans, and reviewing those plans with colleagues on a weekly basis.

We are most interested in candidates with expertise in some or all of the following clinical areas:

  1. Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder
  2. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  3. The struggling to launch young adult population
  4. Specialization in or experience with substance and process addictions patients
  5. Experience with psychotherapy in addition to medication management
  6. Experience with intensive, wrap around outpatient programs

If the applicant is a more experienced clinician, I would be willing to discuss the possibility of medical director responsibilities in addition to the medication management duties.

Applicants should be prepared for an in-depth discussion regarding pertinent experience, long-term career goals, willingness to commit long-term to a dynamic clinical program; and to explore how their unique expertise and professional desires might shape the precise nature of the position. This conversation is in keeping with Thrive's long history of adapting job responsibilities and opportunities to meet the needs of both the individual practitioner and the organization.

I look forward to speaking with qualified candidates about what I believe is a unique opportunity for professional growth and satisfaction, including very competitive compensation.

Rick Silver, MD

For more information, please call Rose Cohen, PhD at 410-740-3240

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THRIVE is an Equal Opportunity Employer