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Follow Up Services for Heron's Gate

Follow-Up Services

Personal change is a long-term proposition, and young adults often continue to require support beyond the twelve months of intensive Heron’s Gate interventions.

One of the goals of Heron's Gate is to provide an on-going community of care to the Young Adult Kids (YAKs) and their families.

Upon completion of the initial, intense part of the program, YAKs have typically made great strides emotionally and in their life skills and are beginning to build a sense of confidence in their own ability to take on the normal developmental tasks of young adult life.

In addition, parents have a greater sense of control and hope for the future, and the tension within the family has lessened and begun to be replaced by cooperation and improved communication.

Even given these improvements, YAKs and their families require on-going support to maintain changes and to continue to progress towards independence. The Heron's Gate Program provides several venues for accomplishing this:

  1. A continued comprehensive but stepped-down participation by the YAKs and the parents in the group, family and individual activities of the earlier part of the program
  2. The Parents' Alumni Support Group
  3. The YAKs' Alumni Support Group
  4. Participation as an Attending for other YAKs

Follow-up services are explored in the final Program Review meeting with Dr. Silver, and an individualized treatment plan developed based on the family's needs.

For more information about the Heron's Gate program for young adults struggling to launch, contact THRIVE at 410-740-3240 or by e-mail.