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The Cost of Being Stuck

For a child, or young adult, filled with this joy and excitement, all of life’s possibilities are, with a little assistance from the world, eminently achievable. What a delightful and exciting way to live one’s life! As parents, we hope that as our children begin the journey into independent adulthood, they will still be moved by this same child-like wonder and enthusiasm for the world that lies ahead.

For some young adults, the transition to independent adulthood can seem like an impossible challenge. Multiple failures at higher education and employment, and untreated conditions like depression, social anxiety and ADHD, can sap the individual’s confidence and motivation. Inner drive becomes buried beneath a crippling self-doubt borne of years of criticism and outright failure, leading ultimately to resignation, helplessness and a loss of hope.

For parents and young adults, the emotional and financial costs can be staggering – tens of thousands of dollars spent -- repeatedly -- on failed attempts to move the child towards independence; strained or explosive family relations; frightened, helpless parents; and talented, bright young adults who have given up on themselves by the time they are twenty.