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Financial, Insurance and Reimbursement

We appreciate the considerable expense involved in participating in Heron’s Gate and want to support families in making their financial commitment as manageable as possible.

Program Fees And Contracts

Following the initial assessments and case review by the clinical team, the family will be offered a service contract which includes the core clinical and administrative services of Heron’s Gate, as well as other services which have been determined to be pertinent to a family’s specific treatment needs. Payment for these services is made directly to THRIVE on a monthly basis.

Payment Plans

In order to make monthly fees more affordable, we can negotiate extended payment plans based on the financial resources of the family.

Insurance Reimbursement Support

The THRIVE Center is a non-participating provider for all insurance networks. The family is responsible for obtaining reimbursement from their health insurance plan.

Itemized bills will be provided to the parents at the time the monthly fee is charged. In addition, Statements of Services will be provided weekly that can be submitted to the insurance companies for reimbursement. Even though the family is charged a monthly fee, the insurance company needs to see statements for specific services – for example, an hour of psychotherapy on a specific date. Statements of Service will be provided for each of these discreet treatment events.

All services are charged on a fee for service basis. Only those services that are provided by our mental health practitioners and that can be coded as discrete treatment events can be reimbursed by insurance. These include: individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and medication management. Services not covered by insurance include: informal psychological and functioning assessments, executive function coaching, attending, adventure groups and community service groups. If formal neuropsychological testing is conducted by THRIVE staff as part of your program, it might be covered by your insurance provider depending upon their specific policies.

We suggest strongly that you contact your insurance provider at the outset of the program to obtain a realistic estimate of what the insurance company will and will not reimburse. Marsha Bernstein is available to assist you with your insurance concerns and will provide a list of codes necessary to request reimbursement information from the insurance provider.

For more information, contact THRIVE at 410-740-3240 or by e-mail.