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Heron's Gate: Young Adults Struggling to Launch

Heron’s Gate is an intensive, wrap-around approach designed to help struggling young adults (18-30 years old) and their families transition to independence.

The program is comprised of a core of clinical and administrative services typically delivered over twelve months, with other treatment interventions customized to the specific needs of the individual participant and his or her parents.

Therapeutic services are delivered in the outpatient setting, both in the office and “in the field”, which allows the opportunity for practicing and refining the emotional and practical life skills critical to independent functioning. Typically, the young adult continues to live at home with the parents while in the program.

Herons Gate Services

The Cost Of Being Stuck - Read how families struggling with failure to launch are challenged emotionally and financially.

Heron’s Gate: How and Why It Works - The power of a peer cohort group, the rapid response of a tightly coordinated clinical team, the lasting changes that come with a treatment approach that involves the family system – all these are key elements that underlie the effectiveness of the Heron's Gate program.

Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning - A thorough assessment at the start of the program -- as well as on-going check-ins and an end-of-program final evaluation -- allow us to create a treatment plan customized for the individual young adult and their family, and to track and report clinical progress.

Heron’s Gate Treatment Services - Heron's Gate comprises a comprehensive set of treatment activities aimed at building the emotional and life skills capabilities of the young adult.

Writings About Struggling Young Adults - Read some of Doctor Silver's articles about the failure to launch programs and his patients' experiences.

For more information about the Heron's Gate program, e-mail or call 410-740-3240