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Meet Rose Marie Cohen, Ph.D. 

Dr. Rose Cohen, PhDRose Cohen is a Life Skills Group facilitator and Director of Operations at THRIVE.

Informing my work at THRIVE includes my life as a mom – a mom with two of three daughters having ADHD and learning disabilities – a teacher, a professional in the field of disabilities, and a mentor for struggling students and young adults.

The most compelling aspect of my work has always been a thread of assisting people, in a variety of ways, to realize their gifts and to more fully bring themselves into the world. It is very exciting for me to see someone discover that they are valued, they belong to their community and they have contributions to make.

My Master's in Education from Johns Hopkins University permitted me to teach in the Howard County Public School system as a Tech Ed teacher. Since I strongly prefer a tactile learning style myself, I especially enjoyed working with middle school students on problem solving and creating hands-on projects

My Ph.D. in Women's Growth and Development from Union Institute and University provided a platform for my development of Essence Quilts – a quilt design process that focuses the creator on her own value, gifts and salient life experiences and to honor these in a quilt.