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Meet Cynthia Matsakis, MFA, LCSW-C 

Cynthia Matsakis

Cynthia Matsakis, MFA, LCSW-C, is an expressive psychotherapist and working artist with a private practice in both Silver Spring and Columbia Maryland.

Over the past fifteen years, Cynthia has developed a unique therapeutic approach using symbolic objects and images in tandem with self-expression through art and movement to work through the aftermath of trauma , learning problems, and ADD.

She works with children, adults and families and is the creator of Animal Guides Game and Symbol Tools.

“We are all works in progress and the imagination is the aspect of the self that continues to learn and innovate throughout life. If it is frozen by trauma, or unavailable because of learning problems, or the absence of life skills, we stagnate. My work, both as an artist and a therapist, focuses on reinvigorating the sense of adventure and spontaneity we all need if we are to heal.”