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Thrive Doctors and Clinicians 

The THRIVE clinical team consists of a wide variety of mental health and educational professionals including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, academic and executive function coaches, social workers, licensed counselors and a nutrition coach.

To schedule an appointment or to speak with one of our many talented clinicians about services and programs offered at Thrive, please call 410-740-3240.

Richard Silver, MD

Richard Silver, MD
Founder and Director, THRIVE
Psychiatrist – Adolescent, Adult
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Laurie Nelson, LCPC

Laurie A. Nelson, LCPC
Child, Adolescent and Family Therapist
410.740.3240 office
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Mary Jo Puglisi

Mary Jo Puglisi, MS, LCPC
Individual Therapist / Executive Function Coach
410.740.3240 office
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John Yearick

John Yearick, LCPC
Individual Therapist / Substance Abuse Specialist
410.740.3240 office
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Rose Marie Cohen, PhD

Rose Marie Cohen, PhD
Owner, Director of Operations,
Life Skills Group Facilitator
410.740.3240 office
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Alyson Bradbury

Alyson Bradbury, M.S. Ed
Psychology Associate
410.740.3240 office
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Kate Snyder

Kate Snyder, M.S.Ed
Behavioral Analyst
410.740.3240 office
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Joanna Balz Hokama

Joanna Balz Hokama, M.S., CNS, LDN, CPCC
Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist,
Certified Professional Career Coach
410.740.3240 office
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Jared Bosley

Jared Bosley
Attendant, Mental Health Paraprofessional
410.740.3240 office

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