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ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

For a sense of how we weave our services together to create a comprehensive treatment approach, see ADHD Case Vignettes.

Diagnostic Services

Comprehensive Psychiatric Workup

All care at THRIVE begins with a comprehensive diagnostic workup. New patients and family members (parents, spouses) spend two one-hour appointments with a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist in order to obtain a thorough understanding of the needs of the patient and the many factors contributing to his or her current status.

The practitioners then confer to offer a set of diagnoses and a treatment plan, typically a “wrap around” program addressing multiple issues simultaneously. A follow-up meeting with the patient and family then solidifies the plan by identifying priority treatments which will be started first, and those services which will be “rolled out” later.

Psycho-Educational Testing

If a patient requires testing in order to obtain accommodations with a 504 or Individualized Education Program (IEP) at school, THRIVE offers psycho-educational testing with extensive recommendations for the academic setting.

Classroom Observations

THRIVE’s psychologists and executive function coaches can augment the diagnostic findings with observations of a child’s behavior in the classroom, which provides data supporting a request for accommodations and recommendations for teachers.

Treatment Services

THRIVE’s practitioners provide a comprehensive set of services for treating ADHD and Executive Dysfunction. Our experience has taught us that improving the symptoms and problems with functioning that might be associated with ADHD typically requires multiple interventions – for example, medications for modulating brain function, executive function coaching for learning specific study or organizational skills and talk therapy to deal with emotional, family or couples issues.

Look through the list on the right and see which services might be of help to you or your family in dealing with their ADHD-related challenges. After a diagnostic evaluation, the treatment team at THRIVE will help you pull together a package of services that can best meet your needs.