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A Comprehensive View Of ADHD Care

In order to be effective, ADHD treatment needs to be comprehensive in a number of ways, including:

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Workup  – Begin with a comprehensive psychiatric workup that explores not only ADHD but other brain conditions (e.g., mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance use, other learning and developmental issues); emotional issues such as self-regulation and self-esteem; challenges with functioning at school, work and home; and parental skills in supporting the child with ADHD
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan - Provide a comprehensive treatment plan covering medication management, executive function coaching, parental coaching, group support, talk therapy, workplace and career coaching and nutrition coaching
  • Coordinate Multiple Practitioners who work closely together as a unified team – so you can focus on getting better, not managing your clinicians.
  • All Ages - Provide care for all phases of the life cycle: kids, teens, young adults, adults, couples and families
  • Involve Family Members – parents, spouses, kids, teens and young adults – in a coordinated treatment team that communicates treatment challenges and progress frequently and openly
  • Focus On The Positive - In addition, practitioners must maintain a focus on the positive – so the person can build on their strengths, dreams and passions and find the motivation to actively challenge the difficulties arising from ADHD