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Shoeless Care

Shoeless Care

Many years ago, Dr. Silver decided that wearing his shoes in the THRIVE offices was optional (his excuse was that he could think better with just socks on). Some of the other practitioners and patients have taken up the practice, so it's not unusual to see people wandering about THRIVE shoeless but happy, relaxed and comfortable.

In addition to your confidence in our clinical expertise, we hope that coming to THRIVE will help you feel this same sense of comfort, safety and respect for you as a unique individual.


Healing is rooted in relationship – in the partnership between the practitioner and the patient that thrives with love, respect and kindness. To be most effective, it must involve both the head and the heart, draw on the wisdom of many healing traditions and touch the mind, body and spirit.

Comprehensive Approach to the Whole Person

Every person we see at THRIVE is a unique, fascinating mix of strengths and struggles. Because of this rich complexity, we explore a wide array of factors in order to determine the best course of care.

In addition to biological, developmental, emotional and lifestyle issues, we look at issues of life purpose and meaning – the dreams, gifts, passions, strengths and goals that give substance to a person’s life. Our goal is to provide an integrated treatment program that allows people to live more fully and joyfully

Focus on the Positive

One of our goals is to create opportunities for success, mastery and personal transformation.

To this end, we try to achieve the following in our care:

  • Validating and applauding the unique ways each person experiences and processes the world
  • Discovering the gifts and passions of each individual
  • Co-creating opportunities for success, mastery and personal transformation
  • Seeking possibilities for growth both in and outside the office setting