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Meet Dr. Silver 

Dr Richard Silver

Dr. Richard Silver is the Founder and Director of THRIVE and has been delivering mental health care for over 35 years. He received both his medical degree and his psychiatric training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, as well as a masters degree in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.

His current approaches to the delivery of emotional and mental health services have come from a variety of experiences, including his professional work in a wide range of settings; shepherding his daughters (two out of three whom have ADHD) through the mental health and educational systems; and his personal emotional work and development.

Dr. Silver says “Over the years, I have thought carefully about the experience of healing, from our growing initial distress and dysfunction, through emotional and mental transformation, to the point of resolution of our problems. In addition to controlling our psychiatric symptoms, I think that people yearn to know themselves and express themselves on a deep emotional and spiritual level, a critical and necessary part of healing that exists for each one of us. We do not heal by symptom management alone.

“Through my work at THRIVE, I feel like what I want to offer to people is the opportunity to know themselves well, to accept their strengths and limitations, and to push as far as possible to achieve their dreams and goals. I’m not going to guarantee happiness, but if you understand this journey of self exploration, it will lead to a life that is more resilient, fulfilling and satisfying.”

He is a Maryland native and in his spare time hikes, plays guitar and writes songs. He has a wife, three daughters, two dogs, a cat and a rabbit, which explains why he spends so much time at work.