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Compassion and Experience

Practitioner Compassion and Experience

Our therapists, eclectic in their approaches, draw from a wide range of therapeutic techniques honed by decades of personal and professional experience.

Although young at heart and equally comfortable working with kids, adolescents or adults, we are “mature” individuals and have struggled – as each of our patients have -- through the wide range of events that life has invited us to wrestle with, including intimate relationships, parenting, academic and career decision-making, physical illness, financial issues, death and loss, and “brain conditions”, such as anxiety, depression and ADHD.

We are older and wiser for the journey and are passionate about helping others with their emotional and spiritual transformation.

Team Approach / Coordination of Care

Effective care for emotional conditions often involves the input from multiple practitioners, both within and outside of THRIVE. People often express that coordinating care for themselves or for their child feels like a daunting task.

Once we have completed your Comprehensive Clinical Diagnostic Workup, we will work with you to identify which services are most appropriate for you at this time, direct you to those practitioners either within or outside of THRIVE and maintain communication among your key treatment providers.

Since all the treatments appropriate for a particular patient are closely tied together, the quality of care improves and the patient feels "held" by a community of healers who share a concern for their growth and success. We have found that this approach leads to more rapid and effective resolution of your life challenges.

Community Approach

As a corollary to “healing is rooted in relationship”, we also believe that healing occurs best in the context of the community. To this end, we view THRIVE not just as a group of practitioners working from their offices, but as a community of healers/ guides/ teachers and people seeking healing who can come together in a variety of ways to further personal growth and transformation.